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Rather explore at your own pace? No problem! San Ignacio has plenty of self-guided activities for you to enjoy. Many activities are within walking distance, though some require a taxi or short trip on the public bus - let us know if you need any help navigating!

Wander through rows of locally produced fruits and veggies and enjoy breakfast or lunch at one of the many local food vendors. Our favorites are fry jacks for breakfast or rice & beans with stew chicken for lunch! A must visit on Saturday mornings - the biggest market day of the week. 


Located just down the road at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel, this educational exhibit teaches you about the threatened Green Iguana. Tours are offered daily and leave every hour on the hour from 8am until 4pm. More information

$22.50 BZD / $11.25 USD

Take a hand cranked ferry ride to explore this Maya site and don't miss the views of Guatemala from 130 feet at the top of "El Castillo"! Take your own transportation for around $5 BZD each way. Guides are available for hire on site. Open daily from 8am to 4pm.

$10 BZD / $5 USD

Within a 5 minute walk enjoy these less crowded Mayan ruins. Meaning "Place of Ticks", this site was once home to thousands of inhabitants. Open daily from 6:30am to 5pm, entrance fee includes museum access.

$10 BZD / $5 USD

Learn how to make Mayan chocolate using traditional methods of grinding organic cocoa beans into a paste using a Mayan stone in this one hour session. Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Closed Sunday.  More information

$24 BZD / $12 USD

Dedicated to educate and inspire the conservation of raptors and their habitat, the Belize Raptor Center rescues and rehabilitates orphaned and injured birds of prey. Bird shows start at 1:30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Closed Monday. More information

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